Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ramen Expo

2013 started the glorious tradition of the Ramen Expo, an annual event taking place in Banpaku Kinen Koen offering ramen from around Japan. Last year I explored with a friend, and this year I took a trip with new blogger Philoramen.


We both started out with a bowl provided by the Naniwa Ramen Club, a joint venture by Mitsukabozu, Fusuma ni Kakero, Strike-Ken, and Junk Story. "Club" in Japanese sounds like "crab", so they presented a crab shoyu ramen.

最初はなにわ拉麺クラブの店に行ってみました。なにわ拉麺クラブとはみつか坊主麸にかけろストライク軒JUNK STORYのコラボです。「クラブ」のだじゃれでかにの

The Bowl
This was a dark shoyu, sharp and brimming with crab aroma. The noodles were firm and yellow, almost similar to those used in yakisoba. There was a ton of chashu, from thin light pieces to thicker ones that were soaked in soy sauce before they made their way into the bowl. All together it was pretty solid, though a bit salty by the end.


For bowl number two, I gave in to my urges and went with a thick miso from Tokyo ramen shop Do Miso.


The Bowl
Broth Description
Be careful what you wish for. Do Miso's bowl was a smack in the face, a super rich miso soup that may have been a bit too concentrated for what I wanted. The curly noodles helped take in the flavors. The bowl was topped with sprouts, corn, green onions, seaweed, and chashu that were practically strips of bacon. This was a bit heavy, but who am I kidding, I still enjoyed it.


See you again next year!



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