Guide for living, working in and moving to Japan


  1. Hi Ben,

    I found your blog on Expat Blog where my wife and I also list our expat blog,

    About a year and a half ago we moved from New York to Sydney and had a difficult time finding a reputable international mover. Because of our experience, we started GoodMigrations ( as a free resource for people to rate their international moving company so others can make informed decisions.

    We're just starting out, so I'm reaching out to fellow expats to ask them to review their moving experiences on the site. If you could take 60 seconds to rate your mover (or even mention the site on your blog to spread the word to others), I would be grateful for your help!

    Many thanks,
    Adam Vagley

  2. Hi Ben,

    My time in Osaka will be limited so if you could recommend only 1 ramen shop, which one would it be? I tend to prefer shio/tonkotsu styles with rich, creamy broths. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

    Best regards,


    1. For rich tonkotsu, there's one shop that stands out as the thickest there is, and that's Muteppo:

      Hope you can make it there!

  3. Hello Ben, what a wonderful site. Do you have a top 5 shops for Osaka as I will be there for five days,


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