Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ramen New York × New York

On one of my regular checks of tabelog's new ramen shop section, I noticed a shop New York × New York. It's pretty far out in Sakai, some place I'm normally too lazy to go, but with New York not once but twice in the name, I knew I had to make it out there. I met up with a friend who lives in the area and ventured in the shop. They had a few different kinds of ramen, but the shop owner told us to go with the chicken paitan.

定期的に食べログのニューオープンラーメン屋さんペイジをチェックしたときに、「New York × New York」という店を気づきました。堺市にあるので、行くのが面倒くさかったんですけど、ニューヨーク人の責任を取って近くに住んでいる友達と行ってみました。いろいろなラーメンがありましたけど、店長に鶏白湯をおすすめしてもらいましたからそれにしました。

The Bowl
New York × New York's chicken ramen was a chicken potage; more like a thick chicken gravy than a normal bowl of ramen. It was strongly potato-flavored, and the thin noodles were sticky with the soup as they were pulled away. The chashu was very tender, softening up and melting into the soup. On top of the whole thing there were just a few red onions, adding a welcome bit of dry crispiness, and the one ingredient that reminded me of New York.


Would I Go Again?
It was good enough to, but I'm not sure I'll make it to Otori Station again.


Should You Go?
If you are in Sakai for some reason, you should stop by.


ラーメン NewYork × NewYork

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gokuno Tsukemen Buttsuke Kozo

Not too long ago Kozo in Fukushima opened up, offering super rich pork ramen every day of the week but Sunday. Now they have found a way to fill in that missing day, with an alternate shop: Gokuno Tsukemen Buttsuke Kozo. The idea is essentially the same, except instead of rich and fatty ramen, they serve rich and fatty tsukemen. I love their ramen, so I was happy to try it in another form.

この前に福島にある「小僧」ができて、日曜日以外にどろどろとしたこってりラーメンを提供していました。今日曜日にのれんわけの別の店を作ったみたいです。「極濃つけ麺 豚つけ小僧」が生まれました。テーマがほぼ一緒なんですけど、ラーメンじゃなくてつけ麺を出しています。小僧のラーメンが大好きなのでつけ麺もきっと好きだろうなと思っていました。

The Bowl
Just like the ramen, the tsukemen broth was an ultra-thick pork porridge, flavorful and very umami. The noodles were short, fat, square tubes, made to be coated in pork sludge, and separated from the broth, never grew soft. Surprisingly, the side pieces of chashu were pretty simple, nicely not pushing the porkiness of bowl over the edge.


Would I Go Again?
At time of writing, I'm thinking of going tonight, so yes.


Should You Go?
You should definitely check this place out.


極濃つけ麺 豚つけ小僧

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ramen Kohei

A new shop, Kohei, opened in Tenjinbashisuji Rokuchome. It's produced by the same people as Jinrui Mina Menrui, but is not affiliated with the northern shop. I visited shortly after they opened, so while they had plans to offer a variety of dishes, at the time they only had cold ramen.


The Bowl
This was the closest thing to a dessert bowl of ramen I've seen. Served in a glass bowl with a small metal spoon, it was a delicate dish with a sweet and syrupy seafood soup. The noodles were round and had the perfect amount of bite - they didn't have any hot soup causing them to wear out if I couldn't eat them in time. The dish was filled shiso and mitsuba, giving it an herbal scent.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, I'd like to try their other dishes too.


Should You Go?
This place is worth checking out.



Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ramen Kobo Ryoka

Tobei right near my office closed down. I had only been there a few times, but the closure of any ramen shop is still reason enough to pour a few drips of soup out. Only a few months later, though, Ramen Kobo Ryoka was born in its place. Ryoka is one in a series of shops in Ehime specializing in chicken shio ramen. I waited patiently until the day it opened, then went in and ordered the tori shio ramen with a side of chicken gyoza.


The Bowl
Ryoka's clear ramen was like a bowl of shio yakitori soup. It was light with a bit of charred onion, with chicken in the broth and as a topping. It was tender and just a bit fatty. The noodles were very light, going down easy and just keeping a smidge of that charred essense with them. The gyoza were pretty solid too: thin and crispy skin and meat with a gristly crunch. The yuzu pepper served with them was an excellent companion.


Would I Go Again?
I would, and I have.


Should You Go?
Chicken lovers should check it out.


ラーメン工房 りょう花

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shisen Ramen

I happened to be in Daito city for a non-ramen related event when I got hungry. My friend and I ended up happening upon this random little ramen joint called Shisen Ramen, or Sichuan Ramen. They were having a 300 yen sale on their assari shisen ramen, so that's what I ordered.


The Bowl
Little shops like this don't disappoint. The broth was clear and oily; kind of a mixture of tomato and ra-yu, an interesting taking on Sichuan style ramen. The noodles were thin and long, vaguely reminiscent of spaghetti. I wasn't expecting this kind of bowl from a Sichuan ramen shop, but it worked out.


Would I Go Again?
It was fine, but it's far.


Should You Go?
Anyone who lives around there can check it out for lunch.



Friday, September 2, 2016

Men Miyazawa

I was wandering around Kitashinchi in the mood for some ramen. One shop that shows up frequently in magazines, Pepe, I had never been to, so I decided to try to find it.


There it is on the second floor...

...and there it is closed. I did some searching and found Miyazawa, a shio ramen shop in the basement of some other building full of bars. I ordered the shio, apparently made using a blend of Himalayan rock salt and Okinawan sea salt.


The Bowl
This is just what I'd expect from a late night bowl of shio ramen. It was very light, and tasted almost exclusively of salt, although not overbearingly so. There was just a tinge of fried garlic mixed in with the flavors, and the noodles and chashu were all soft and inoffensive.


Would I Go Again?
I don't need to visit this one again.


Should You Go?
This is a fine place to stop if you just need light pick-me-up, but not if you want something more substantial.