Sunday, April 6, 2014

Osaka Ramen Expo

The Osaka Ramen Expo! What an exciting time. I saw an advertisement for this back when I ate at Fusuma ni Kakero, and since then I had all but decided I would go. Just for a few days up in Banpaku Park, I only had one real chance to go, and so I left work early to meet with a friend and take the long ride up north.


I reserved my ticket, saving me a whopping 50 yen!

After an in-depth study of the situation, I decided that I wanted to try the miso katsu ramen by Kochi-based Menya Nakahira. My favorite kind of ramen paired with one of my favorite kinds of fried meat? Yes, please.


The Bowl
A bowl of miso with a big chunk of tonkatsu in it. I kind of thought there would be more unity, something that made the two go together other than being two fatty, delicious things. But no. Not that it really needed it; it was a fine bowl of miso, with curly flat noodles, and a decent flank of fried pork.


I wasn't sure how hungry I'd be after one bowl, but the other miso bowl, a one time only triple threat creation by the chefs at Kyoto shop Takai and Osaka shops Junk Story and Fusuma ni Kakero seemed like it had to be eaten.

一杯を飲んでからお腹いっぱいかなと思っていましたけど、珍しい「たか井」「JUNK STORY」「麸にかけろ」のチェフをコラボして作った味噌ラーメンを食べないとだめかなと思っていました。

Alas! Sold out! I should have gotten that one first. Oh well, with a belly full of miso and katsu I wasn't super hungry anyway, so I picked a lighter bowl: tori paitan ramen from Ramen Hajime in Tokyo.


The Bowl
This bowl was very chicken, and very salty. It was like a light chicken soup, as I had hoped, but the even the noodles were coated in sodium and kept me from eating the whole thing. The bits of chicken in the broth tasted like they had been pulled right off a yakitori skewer into the bowl, and while I enjoyed it, this was a bowl better had in mini quantity.


Of course no Japanese winter event would be complete without projecting an image on some building or object. Here we have the famous Tower of the Sun with red and yellow covering it from head to...stand?



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