Sunday, August 30, 2015


In Uehonmachi, a new shop, "Tuna" has opened. Their name is 綱, pronounced "tsuna" in Japanese, but I guess they chose "Tuna" because they make seafood ramen? Wrong. Straight up shoyu chuka soba for this joint, but what's in a name, anyway?


The Bowl
This ramen was reminiscent of Takaida-kei bowls, the super dark and salty shoyu from the east of Osaka. Unlike those bowls, though, Tuna's broth was much smoother, making it easier to drink, but with the downside that the smooth, ropey noodles were a bit too thick for the soup.  The menma were a bit peppery, an unusual but welcome addition, and a single thin slice of juicy chashu topped the bowl.


Would I Go Again?
Maybe, it was solid but I'm not in a rush to return.


Should You Go?
This shop would be good for anyone who wants to try a version of Takaida-kei ramen that is very drinkable.


麺処 綱(TUNA)

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