Saturday, May 10, 2014


Perhaps the biggest recent boom in the Osaka ramen scene is the opening of the Tenma shop Strike-ken. Created by the chefs of now-closed Nunpoko and new wave shop Fusuma ni Kakero, Strike-ken was built to settle an argument: which is better, traditional ramen, or new, wacky ramen? I have a hard time making a decision on that myself, but luckily I don't have to. I can go to Strike-ken and have both!

Strike-ken has a slight baseball theme, which fits in with their two options. Straight - a traditional shoyu chuka soba, and Sinker, a seafood chicken paitan ramen. I went with a friend and tried both.



No shop is complete without Beavis and Butthead lookalike posters

The Bowl
This may have been a classic shoyu, but it was a classic shoyu done right. The broth was light and salty but not overpowering, it had just a tad of sweetness that cut into the salt content. The yellow, thin noodles were firm but easy to drink down. The bowl was topped off with seaweed, onions, a fishcake, and some very juicy chashu.


The Bowl
The Sinker was from a different world from the Straight. The yellow broth tasted like it looked: rich, and buttery, the most decadent kind of chicken soup I've ever seen. The noodles too were thicker than the Straight's counterpart, and tasted like the sweet oily soup that they were pulled from. And of course, the bowl contained several slices of chicken chashu and clams.


Would I Go Again?
In the end, they were both very good. The Sinker was very rich, so I'd sooner order a full bowl of the Straight, but I'd be happy to try either or both again.


Should You Go?



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