Friday, January 1, 2021



tl;dr: Here's a list of great Osaka ramen

Welcome to Friends in Ramen, the mad ramblings and reviews of a ramen-obsessed New Yorker who has somehow found himself in Osaka.  I've created this blog for foreigners in Osaka who want to eat good ramen, English speakers abroad who want to eat vicariously in the great east, or anyone else who wants to stop by.

I've tried to keep my ramen shop reviews in a consistent format; there's locational information along with a photo of the outside of the shop, and tags describing the style and location.  If you're looking for something particular, give it a search, or otherwise browse with pleasure!

If you're still reading this and haven't scrolled down to the wonderful pictures of rich salty broth below, here are some good places to get started on the blog:

Best Ramen in Osaka - A list of my favorite shops in Osaka, sorted by type and location
The ramen map - a (near) exhaustive list of the ramen shops I've eaten at in Japan
The Beginning - My first post, and my entrance into Osaka
Who Writes This Thing, Anyway? - More of me talking about myself!
Ramen Glossary - A list of terms that are often used in my posts, in case ramen is new to you

Enjoy Friends in Ramen!

ラーメンの中毒があるなんとなく大阪にいちゃったニューヨーカーが書いている「Friends in Ramen」というブログにようこそ!元々外国人のためにブログを作りましたけど、日本人もラーメンが好きな外国人の意見に興味あるかなと思っていたので、日本語も書くようにしています。日本語はけっこうむずいので、ミスとかあればすみません。いろいろな店で食べたことあるので、もし「こんなスープを飲みたいな」と考えたら、タグとかで検索してください。あとは、適当に楽しんでください!


大阪のベストラーメン:大阪の一番好きなラーメン屋さん。場所と味でソートしています ラーメン地図:今までに全国の食べたことあるラーメン屋さん
The Beginning:大阪のデビュー

Friends in Ramenを楽しみましょう!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Ramen Derby

Another year, another Ramen Derby! My first stop was for a niboshi bowl from Kyoto's Seabura no Kami and Kataguruma.


The Bowl
It was super oily, but not overly fishy. Filled with flat, curly noodles that looked like they were maybe handmade. A pretty solid first bowl overall.


Next up was a collaboration between Kinsei ramen and Torakichi.


The Bowl
As expected of Kinsei, it was a lighter-than-air shio that didn't weigh me down and was perfect as a chaser for the niboshi. The noodles were nice and firm, perhaps even too much for the broth.



And afterwards, by tradition, a stop at Craft Beer Holiday!


Monday, January 13, 2020

Nodamen En

I ordered the shio chintan at my trip to Nodamen En.

のだ麺 ~縁~で塩清湯を頼みました。

The Bowl
The soup was extra light, with an almost wheat-y flavor, and filled with bubbles. The noodles were long and thin, but with a nice firmness that took some weight to get through. The chashu came in tough extra garlicky slices, but the topping that caught my attention more were the wonton skins, that offered an alternate way to take in some of the broth.


Would I Go Again?

Should You Go?

のだ麺 ~縁~

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Gyukotsu Ramen Bukkoshi

Finally it was time to complete the Bakkoshi, Bokkoshi, Bukkoshi trilogy with Bukkoshi's beef paitan.


The Bowl
The broth was white and milky, but the taste was a hearty beef broth filled with umami. It was more roundly balanced than its pork counterpart, without the tonkotsu whiff. The noodles were firm and had a lot of chew. The chashu was a tough and peppery chunk of beef, almost like a side of roast beef for the meaty ramen.


Would I Go Again?

Should You Go?

牛骨ラーメン ぶっこ志

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Taiyo no Tomato

The Bowl
It's been a while since my first trip, but the classic tomato-and-cheese ramen hasn't changed, and why should it? Soupy pasta, and, because I couldn't hold myself back, risotto afterwards. It may not be pushing the boundaries on what tomato ramen can be, but I wouldn't ask them too either.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?
It's a good one for anyone who wants to discover what tomato ramen is.



Monday, August 19, 2019

Tsukemen Marubushi

Tsukemen with Indo-bon, a bit of rice with curry powder at Tsukemen Marubushi in Tengachaya.


The Bowl
This was your standard gyokai tonkotsu, and a solid rendition of it. The soup wasn't too thick, but had a good, syrupy consistency that matched the square, fat noodles. The Indo-bon's curry flavoring didn't really match the broth, but I'm glad to have participated in that experiment.


Would I Go Again?
Maybe, if I'm in the area.


Should You Go?
It's a nice stop for anyone who lives in Nishinari.


つけ麺 まるぶし

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Karakuchi Abura Niku Soba Hirudora

Hirudora, a spicy ramen shop, has appeared and disappeared from Nipponbashi, but a version in Tsuruhashi appeared recently. I went by shortly after opening, and ordered this shop's specialty: the spicy shoyu niku soba.


Opening orchids from Kinsei

From Mugiyu and Buta Kong

From Dogyan

From Wasshoi

The Bowl
As promised, this bowl was full of spice. It was covered in oil too; the whole thing smelled and tasted of hot pepper. The noodles were thick and square strands of pepper, essentially. Not to be bested by the oily soup, there was tons of fatty pork, too. There was a piece of juicy stewed pork, in addition to some thin but tougher pork rib. In fact, the whole thing was covered in pork back fat, which tempered the spice and oil of the soup.


Would I Go Again?
I might, if I'm feeling a little spice and a lot of oil.


Should You Go?
I would recommend Hirudora for anyone making the rounds on the spicy ramen circuit.


辛口炙り肉ソバ ひるドラ