Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Osaka Ramen Route

When I first came to Osaka, there was little to no information about ramen in Osaka in English. I started this blog to fix that, by documenting my own experiences eating in Kansai. Now it's time for the next step.

Presenting Osaka Ramen Route!
Osaka Ramen Route is a ramen stamp rally: a simple event where you get a bowl of ramen at five different shops, collect stamps, and earn a certificate proving your ramen mastery. It's running from now through July, so check out the site, eat some ramen, and post about it with #ramenroute!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019



tl;dr: Here's a list of great Osaka ramen

Welcome to Friends in Ramen, the mad ramblings and reviews of a ramen-obsessed New Yorker who has somehow found himself in Osaka.  I've created this blog for foreigners in Osaka who want to eat good ramen, English speakers abroad who want to eat vicariously in the great east, or anyone else who wants to stop by.

I've tried to keep my ramen shop reviews in a consistent format; there's locational information along with a photo of the outside of the shop, and tags describing the style and location.  If you're looking for something particular, give it a search, or otherwise browse with pleasure!

If you're still reading this and haven't scrolled down to the wonderful pictures of rich salty broth below, here are some good places to get started on the blog:

Best Ramen in Osaka - A list of my favorite shops in Osaka, sorted by type and location
The ramen map - a (near) exhaustive list of the ramen shops I've eaten at in Japan
The Beginning - My first post, and my entrance into Osaka
Who Writes This Thing, Anyway? - More of me talking about myself!
Ramen Glossary - A list of terms that are often used in my posts, in case ramen is new to you

Enjoy Friends in Ramen!

ラーメンの中毒があるなんとなく大阪にいちゃったニューヨーカーが書いている「Friends in Ramen」というブログにようこそ!元々外国人のためにブログを作りましたけど、日本人もラーメンが好きな外国人の意見に興味あるかなと思っていたので、日本語も書くようにしています。日本語はけっこうむずいので、ミスとかあればすみません。いろいろな店で食べたことあるので、もし「こんなスープを飲みたいな」と考えたら、タグとかで検索してください。あとは、適当に楽しんでください!


大阪のベストラーメン:大阪の一番好きなラーメン屋さん。場所と味でソートしています ラーメン地図:今までに全国の食べたことあるラーメン屋さん
The Beginning:大阪のデビュー

Friends in Ramenを楽しみましょう!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Kyo Tsukemen Tsurukame

A trip to Kyoto and a chance to try more Kyoto ramen! This time I visited Kyo Tsukemen Tsurukame and their Nishikyo miso tantan tsukemen.

京都の日帰りプラス京都ラーメン!今回「京つけめん つるかめ」の西京味噌担々つけめんを食べました。

The Bowl
Just as it looks in the photo above, this tantan tsukemen was more smooth than spicy. There was just a tickle of spice, which was fine since the sesame and rayu did the job of keeping the bowl flavorful and interesting. The noodles were fat and grainy, and there were thin slices of chashu, too, that were juicy and brimming with flavor.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?
A good stop for anyone looking for something a little different in Kyoto.


京つけめん つるかめ

Sunday, June 10, 2018


A friend of mine had long suggested I visit Marotei, a shop that is not strictly a ramen shop, but a curry noodle shop. I ordered the standard dish, curry noodles.


The Bowl
Unlike other curry noodle dishes I've had, this was not sweet but rather savory, not too thick but with a smidge of spice and a peppery roughness. The noodles were long and flat, and there was a single bridge of chashu, laying along the bowl's diameter. At the end throwing in a bit of cayenne pepper added a final kick.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, it was solid.


Should You Go?
I recommend it for any curry lover.


イレブンスパイス まろ亭

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Joto Rekka

Yamagata is not a place you hear about a lot when it comes to ramen, but Joto Rekka is a shop that has brought Yamagata noodles to Osaska. On my visit to the Gamo Yonchome shop, I ordered not normal ramen, but a take on Yamagata's famous hippari udon: hippari mazesoba.


The Bowl
This is no ordinary bowl of maze soba. The toppings include mackerel, natto, and spicy miso. The mackerel ended up being the primary flavor in the bowl, which worked out because it's my favorite fish. The other toppings worked together to add seasoning to the bowl: the natto made the dish a bit goopier, and the miso and seaweed added a bit of spice and salt, respectively.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?



Monday, May 21, 2018

Jinjo Menya Gyukotsuo

It's not every day I get to visit a beef ramen shop. Jinjo Menya Gyukotsuo happened to open up in Nagahoribashi, though, so I stopped by to try the beef bone paitan ramen.

牛骨ラーメンは割とレアなものです。人情麵家 牛骨王が長堀橋でできたので、牛骨白湯ラーメンを頼みました。

The Bowl
It was advertised that there was no pork or chicken in this bowl, only beef, and it tasted it. It was strong and syrupy, tasting not unlike beef tendon, topped off with some crushed pepper. The noodles were bunched up, thin and firm, like giving beef bone ramen the Hakata treatment. Speaking of beef tendon, there were little niblets of beef innards in the soup, chewy and gelatinous.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, I'm curious about their other beef concoctions.


Should You Go?
Anyone feeling beef or avoiding pork should stop by.


人情麺家 牛骨王

Friday, May 11, 2018

Chuka Soba Sen

One day I ended up in Abiko, and was able to visit one of those well-regarded shops in outer Osaka. Sen is a shop dedicated to chuka soba, so I ordered the special shoyu and took a seat.


The Bowl
The bowl was made with a blend of shoyus, including some from notable island Shodoshima in Kagawa. The broth was sharp and clear brown, strong and refreshing. The noodles were long and yellow; firm and extra chewy, which an interesting departure from the simpler noodles I find in shoyu bowls. The toppings weren't anything super special, but the basics of this bowl were on point.


Would I Go Again?
If I'm in the area.


Should You Go?
Shoyu fans or anyone looking for a walk from Nagai park should.


中華そば 閃