Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Over my time in Osaka, I've been able to go to most of the shops that I've wanted to. One that has evaded my reach is the legendary miso shop Mitsukabozu. Partially because of the dearth of miso in Kansai, Mitsukabozu's name reaches far in the prefecture. I had a chance to go to their Umeda branch as soon as that opened, but now, as a stopover on the way to a soccer game in Banpaku Park, I was finally able to visit the flagship shop in Toyonaka.

With white miso, red miso, and spicy miso soups, it was difficult for me to decide what to order. I wanted to get mini bowls of all of them, or better yet, to come back multiple times and try them all. After consulting with the waitress, she advised I go with the KANSAI, an assari fish ramen without any meat. It's not what I would have gone with on my own, but who am I to question the masters?



Minoh beer is the sign of a good shop
The Bowl
Normally I'm a fan of rich miso, but as Shiogensui showed me with shio ramen, Mitsukabozu proved to me how powerful a light miso can be. In many ways it tasted like a light seafood miso soup, but the underlying miso flavors were much more like the miso tare found in ramen, as opposed to the style used in miso soup. The soft and delicate noodles matched the soup, pulling up the subtle flavors in just the right dose. The thick, chewy menma provided contrast to the bowl as a strong palette cleanser, while the chashu fit the theme of the bowl, being thin and balanced in flavor. If there was one thing I didn't like about the bowl, it was that there was a bit too much of the chives. They were good in small doses, but towards the end of the bowl their garlicky flavor overwhelmed the rest of the soup.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


味噌らーめん みつか坊主

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