Sunday, January 8, 2012


It was just a couple days after getting back from New York, so I was pretty tired from jet lag and work.  Luckily, though, my time in New York got me used to the cold, and the temperature in Osaka felt warm in comparison.  Nothing better then than an energizing walk to a ramen shop.  I had read about Junk Story in Ramen Walker, but never had an excuse to go that far out of my way.

Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Chūō-ku, Kōzu, 1丁目2−11
JUNK STORY is on the north side of Sennichimae Dori just west of Tanimachi Kyuchome Station.

The Bowl
JUNK STORY is known for their shio chicken ramen, and this bowl offered a light shio broth with a bit of a chicken taste along with a light fried onion flavor.  The noodles were medium-thin, and very light.  Following with the chicken theme, instead of chashu in the bowl there was lightly seared chicken tataki.  It tasted a little bit of yuzu, and was very tender.  I've never had chicken tataki in ramen before, and it went with the soup surprisingly well.  The egg also creamy and very good.

Would I Go Again?
If I liked shio more, I would definitely go again.  As it is, I'll probably only make it out there if I'm bringing someone else.

Should You Go?
If you can.  It's not a must eat, but if you're in Tsuruhashi and not in the mood for Korean food, JUNK STORY is only one station over.

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