Monday, October 15, 2018

Saishoku Ramen Kinsei Mufu

This time I made a trip to Takatsuki, to visit out-of-the-way shop Saishoku Ramen Kinsei Mufu. Brian from Ramen Adventures happened to be in town, so we made the trip together. I ordered the standard shio ramen, while Brian ordered the special version with smoked chicken.

今回離れている高槻なる「彩色ラーメンきんせい夢風」という店に行ってきました。Ramen Adventuresのブライアンさんがたまたま大阪にいたので、一緒に行きました。私は定番の塩ラーメンにして、ブライアンが燻製鶏が入っているラーメンにしました。

The Bowl
This was a light and solid shio; not too salty, and easy to drink along with the slurpable, flat noodles. It stood side-by-side with other branches of Kinsei I've visited, and other high quality shio ramen, but the regular shio ramen didn't stand out beyond that. The smoked chicken, on the other hand, was great. The meat itself had a perfect amount of smokey aroma, and when it was mixed in, it took the soup to another level.


Would I Go Again?
It's pretty far, so I don't see myself making the trek.


Should You Go?
I would recommend it for people who live in the area, but it's a far trek to get some good shio ramen.


彩色ラーメン きんせい夢風