Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fusuma ni Kakero

I had been to recently-booming newcomer Strike-ken, and to its co-creator's other shop, Fusuma ni Kakero during the evening for shoyu ramen. But now I finally had to try the daytime shio ramen. I ran there from work in order to make sure I could get in and out in time.


Their sign was made out of cardboard

The Bowl
Similar to the Sinker at Strike-ken, this was no ordinary shio. There were clams, thick, grainy noodles, slices of chicken and juicy pink chashu. The soup was a richer blend than your standard shio, which lent itself to the recommended heavier noodles. The contrast between the chicken, clams, and pork helped keep the bowl interesting; the chicken was a light palette cleanser where the pork tasted almost like a well-spiced steak. A strange combination, but undoubtedly a good one.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?
For the ramen connoisseur in Osaka, Fusuma ni Kakero is a must.


麬にかけろ 中崎壱丁 中崎商店會1-6-18号ラーメン

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