Sunday, July 3, 2016

Niku Dog

The man behind Fusuma ni Kakero got some space right next to his main shop in Nakazakicho, so he opened new shop. But it wasn't a second shop, but shop #1.8, where they serve take out pork chashu wrapped in lettuce and rice paper: Niku Dog. There were the standard niku dog, one with avocado, or "LA style", an Italian one with cheese, a Korean spicy one, and a Japanese-style dog with ume. I went for a standard one and a spicy one.

麸にかけろを作った人が他の近くにある場所を買って、新しい店を開きました。でも、2号店じゃなくて、1.8号店です。レタスとライスペーパーに巻き込まれたチャーシューという肉dogを提供しています。定番、「LA Style」アボカド入り、イタリア式チーズ入り、韓国風ピリ辛、和風梅入りのから選べました。定番とピリ辛を買いました。

Opening congratulations from Baka Yaro, Bakabo, Strike-ken, and Buta Kong

The Meat
It was pretty straightforward. Some fatty chashu, surrounded by rice, lettuce, and a simple sauce. It's not the highest level gourmet food, but it's a tasty snack. I appreciated the spicy one; the hot red lubrication added some punch.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, I'd grab one passing by.


Should You Go?
Sure, stop by for a snack.



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