Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baka Yaro

A new ramen shop in Nakazakicho! That's very easy for me to get to, so it was a mere two days after opening that I went to visit it. They specialize in tonkotsu, and offer three blends: black, red, and white. All three seemed good, so I went with the red, which had a dollop of miso resting on the surface.


The Bowl
The tonkotsu broth was thick as mud, and covered in a layer of oil. It doesn't stand up to the molasses-like sludge at Muteppo, but it was more viscous than almost any other shop I've been too. Unfortunately it was a little bland, but the miso paste made up for it and they made a better combination together than either apart. The egg too was lacking flavor, and sadly the red did not come with any chashu, so I was left very full, but wanting.


Would I Go Again?
Maybe, since it's close to where I work, but I'm in no rush.


Should You Go?
This is place for lovers of thick tonkotsu only.



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