Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hakata Shinpu Ramen Shokudo

In the basement of Lucua in Osaka Station, a new set of trendy restaurants opened. A Mexican place, and a French place, among them, and of course, a ramen shop: Hakata Shinpu Ramen Shokudo. Ramen Shokudo is a standard-ish Hakata tonkotsu chain that offered black and white versions of their tonkotsu. I decided to try the black.


The Bowl
Ramen Shokudo brought forth a serviceable tonkotsu. It was oily and fatty in the way a tonkotsu is supposed to be, but not in a way that would elevate it above any other chain. The roasted garlic ma-yu oil was a nice topper, and the noodles were hard just as I ordered them. This was a bowl that did not disappoint me, but I did not go in with super high expectations.


Would I Go Again?
It was fine, but, nah.


Should You Go?
It's not mandatory.


博多新風 ラーメン食堂

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