Sunday, November 11, 2012

Men To Hito

After a wacky shio-shoyu bowl, and a soupless tantanmen bowl, I'm back in Tenjinbashi for more. This time, Annie of Brother Annie decided to film for a post on her blog, so Annie, cameraman and I met by Tenroku and scrambled in the rain over to Men To Hito.

The "To" in "Men To Hito" is pronounced "toe", and together the whole phrase means "noodles and people". What else do you need? Miso ramen is rare in Osaka, but Ramen Walker's new shio vs miso feature guaranteed me this shop would not disappoint.

I'll comment on the bowl below as usual, but for full video, check out Brother Annie's post!

2-2-26 Kokubunji

The Bowl
It had been a while since had a proper miso bowl in Osaka, and the taste of the rich broth on my tongue was fantastic. The noodles were medium-thick and firm, and they carried the soup well. There were a few slices of chashu that were thick and chewy; not too flavorful on their own, but delicious when soaked in the soup. The miso didn't stand out above my favorite miso bowls in Japan, but it's a more than solid if standard take.

Would I Go Again?
Yeah, it's a good one.

Should You Go?
If you're out by Tenroku, hit it up for some good miso.

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