Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Maramen Yanyan

Just the other day I went for a stroll around Tenma and Tenjinbashi, and while I was there I noticed Maramen Yanyan. Yanyan advertises its soupless tantanmen, full of both standard-spiciness and the numbing spiciness you get from Sichuan peppers. I love both, and so as soon as I could I headed over there.

I went for the soupless tantanmen and threw in an egg for fun. For both normal and numbing spiciness, you can choose from 1-4. The owner suggested I get 1 on each, but I balked at the idea of getting the lowest and went 3 for both.

麻拉麺 揚揚
6-7-24 Tenjinbashi

The Bowl
That doesn't look so spicy, right? The whole bowl smelled like Sichuan pepper. I've had my experiences with more spice than I can handle, but I had never had too much Sichuan pepper before. A few slurps into the bowl and my tongue tingled. A few more and my lips too. Two thirds of my way through and it was like I had eaten miracle fruit; everything I put in my mouth tasted different from what I thought it should. Water had a very tangy taste. Isn't water not supposed to taste like anything? My mouth continued buzzing for thirty minutes or an hour after the meal.

Self-prescribed over-spice aside, the bowl was good. The noodles were thin, curly, and firm, and though the taste of the sauce was pretty light, it did the job.

Would I Go Again?
Yeah, it's not quite as good as the best soupless tantanmen or abura soba bowls I've had, but it's definitely solid.

Should You Go?
Check it out! But watch what level of spice you get.

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