Saturday, April 21, 2012


I read about Saisai in Ramen Walker a while ago, and it had been on my list since.  They specialize in miso ramen, and since they've changed locations, have also offered a miso tsukemen and chicken paitan ramen.  I love miso and don't have a chance to go to many shops in Osaka that specialize in it, so I was excited to visit Saisai.  Unfortunately, Saisai is open only on weekdays and Saturday during the afternoon, which meant the only time I could actually go was on a Saturday, which meant planning ahead or waking up early.  This lucky Saturday came along, I biked over there, and got in.

I debated ordering the tsukemen or paitan ramen, but I couldn't stop myself from going for the spicy miso ramen.

麺屋 彩々
1-46-8 Hannanchō

The Bowl
A wide bowl full of miso ramen, pork, noodles, sprouts, onions, and an egg, all covered in chili pepper.   Not a bad way to start a weekend.  The miso was pretty good; it was rich, and had a tinge of spiciness from the pepper.  The noodles were medium and firm, and the chashu was one big slice that was pretty chewy.

Would I Go Again?
Overall Saisai offered a standard miso bowl; it was good but not amazing, and I prefer Ramen 3738 to it.  If I come back, I'll try the chicken.

Should You Go?
It's solid, and miso is hard to find in Osaka, so check it out.

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  1. Trust me when I say this, go here again and order either the miso tsukemen and/or the seichou tori ramen. These are the best two bowls in the shop. Besides, this place is now open lunch and dinner everyday except Sunday.