Sunday, November 4, 2012


For a place that's really not that far from Umeda, I don't make it to Tenma very often. There's not a lot there, and it's not the most modern place in osaka, but that's what gives it its charm. One giant shopping arcade that stretches several station lengths, filled with cafes, old clothing, and pachinko parlors. And ramen shops.

There are not that many in the arcade itself, but a keen observer will realize that they dot the alleyways around it. On this lazy afternoon I picked a place from Ramen Walker whose bowl looked eerily like classic-favorite Yashichi. Mengenso's notable bowl is called "naka naka". "Naka" means middle, and the "naka naka" places itself strangely in between other bowls by being half of each. The soup is chicken and fish, and the tare is shio and shoyu.

5-2-16 Tenjinbashi

The Bowl
The broth was very well-balanced; it was peppery and kind of like a light shoyu, but a bit richer. The noodles were soft and not too flavorful, but they matched the soup well. The menma were soft and the egg was creamy. The strangest part was the chashu, which came in flat, sweet pieces that were a little tough. It was more like ham than the normal pork in ramen, but it was delicious.

Would I Go Again?
This place was great. I'd have been back already if it wasn't so far.

Should You Go?
Yes. It's very similar to Yashichi, but you don't have to wait on the massive lines.

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