Sunday, September 16, 2012


A three day weekend means it's time for a trip, and this time, a trip to Tokyo.  A trip to Tokyo means Tokyo ramen.  Last year when I visited Tokyo, I used it as an opportunity to try ramen shops I hadn't had a chance to go to when I lived there.  This time so much time has passed that I've used it as a chance to revisit shops I thought were great, and see if they hold up.

Kururi is a famous miso ramen shop near Iidabashi.  I had been to the main shop and the Takadanobaba branch when I lived in Tokyo, and both were amazing.  Kururi stood tall as one of my favorite ramen shops in all of Tokyo.  How would it fare on another visit?

4-13-10 Takadanobaba

The Bowl
Just as amazing as I remember!  The broth was a thick, hot, rich miso that is almost more like a sauce than a soup.  I remember when I first came here I was a little put off by the fact that the soup was so thick that it could barely be drank, but it's so good that it didn't matter in the end.  The noodles were fat, similar to the kind you would expect to see in a thick tsukemen.  The chashu slices were super tender and pretty tasty.

Would I Go Again?
My time in Tokyo is limited, but this place is so good that I hope I can go back.

Should You Go?

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