Saturday, August 3, 2019

Karakuchi Abura Niku Soba Hirudora

Hirudora, a spicy ramen shop, has appeared and disappeared from Nipponbashi, but a version in Tsuruhashi appeared recently. I went by shortly after opening, and ordered this shop's specialty: the spicy shoyu niku soba.


Opening orchids from Kinsei

From Mugiyu and Buta Kong

From Dogyan

From Wasshoi

The Bowl
As promised, this bowl was full of spice. It was covered in oil too; the whole thing smelled and tasted of hot pepper. The noodles were thick and square strands of pepper, essentially. Not to be bested by the oily soup, there was tons of fatty pork, too. There was a piece of juicy stewed pork, in addition to some thin but tougher pork rib. In fact, the whole thing was covered in pork back fat, which tempered the spice and oil of the soup.


Would I Go Again?
I might, if I'm feeling a little spice and a lot of oil.


Should You Go?
I would recommend Hirudora for anyone making the rounds on the spicy ramen circuit.


辛口炙り肉ソバ ひるドラ

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