Saturday, February 15, 2014

Miyazaki Kyodo Ryori Dogyan

When looking online for a good shop to go to, I stumbled upon Miyazaki Kyodo Ryori Dogyan. Some places listed it as a ramen shop, some as an izakaya, but all praised its ramen. So I went to have a look. It turned out to be more of an izakaya, albeit one that serves ramen, similar to the other shop I went to recently, Danieru no Baai. I didn't bring any friends this time, so I ordered only their specialty ramen, Takaida-kei chuka soba. Of course, as a table charge, I received a small dish of horumon, or various innards.


Nothing like delicious offal
The Bowl
As expected of Takaida-kei shoyu ramen, the broth was dark, and deep. Thankfully, though, it was less salty than other incarnations, which meant I could easily drink it all. The noodles, too, were pretty good; thick, and firm. There was one giant piece of chashu, but it didn't stand out much.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, I'd like to try some of their other food, too.


Should You Go?
It's a good place to go with friends in Honmachi.


宮崎郷土料理 どぎゃん

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