Tuesday, November 20, 2012


A few of my coworkers told me about a chain ramen shop nearby, but I had never gone to check it out. One day I ate lunch with them, and they decided to introduce me into the wonderful world of Tobei. One of the big advantages of chain shops on weekdays is lunch specials. Ramen, gyoza, rice, or whatever else you want all for a fraction of the price you would normally pay. I don't have a huge stomach so I stuck with the gyoza set and the signature tonkotsu Tobei Ramen.

らー麺 藤平
Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Kita-ku, Toyosaki, 2丁目4−26

The Bowl
Compared with many tonkotsu bowls I've had, this was very light. Refreshing even. The ma-yu in the broth was a bit garlicky, and the soup was a little generic, but it was not bad. The noodles were thin and curly, and the slices of chashu were pretty good as well.

Would I Go Again?
It was fairly generic, so I'm not intending to, but I wouldn't be shocked if I ended up there again with my coworkers.

Should You Go?
Don't go out of your way for it, but they do have cheap lunch specials if you work near a branch, too.

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