Friday, September 2, 2016

Men Miyazawa

I was wandering around Kitashinchi in the mood for some ramen. One shop that shows up frequently in magazines, Pepe, I had never been to, so I decided to try to find it.


There it is on the second floor...

...and there it is closed. I did some searching and found Miyazawa, a shio ramen shop in the basement of some other building full of bars. I ordered the shio, apparently made using a blend of Himalayan rock salt and Okinawan sea salt.


The Bowl
This is just what I'd expect from a late night bowl of shio ramen. It was very light, and tasted almost exclusively of salt, although not overbearingly so. There was just a tinge of fried garlic mixed in with the flavors, and the noodles and chashu were all soft and inoffensive.


Would I Go Again?
I don't need to visit this one again.


Should You Go?
This is a fine place to stop if you just need light pick-me-up, but not if you want something more substantial.



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