Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ramen Kobo Ryoka

Tobei right near my office closed down. I had only been there a few times, but the closure of any ramen shop is still reason enough to pour a few drips of soup out. Only a few months later, though, Ramen Kobo Ryoka was born in its place. Ryoka is one in a series of shops in Ehime specializing in chicken shio ramen. I waited patiently until the day it opened, then went in and ordered the tori shio ramen with a side of chicken gyoza.


The Bowl
Ryoka's clear ramen was like a bowl of shio yakitori soup. It was light with a bit of charred onion, with chicken in the broth and as a topping. It was tender and just a bit fatty. The noodles were very light, going down easy and just keeping a smidge of that charred essense with them. The gyoza were pretty solid too: thin and crispy skin and meat with a gristly crunch. The yuzu pepper served with them was an excellent companion.


Would I Go Again?
I would, and I have.


Should You Go?
Chicken lovers should check it out.


ラーメン工房 りょう花

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