Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ramen New York × New York

On one of my regular checks of tabelog's new ramen shop section, I noticed a shop New York × New York. It's pretty far out in Sakai, some place I'm normally too lazy to go, but with New York not once but twice in the name, I knew I had to make it out there. I met up with a friend who lives in the area and ventured in the shop. They had a few different kinds of ramen, but the shop owner told us to go with the chicken paitan.

定期的に食べログのニューオープンラーメン屋さんペイジをチェックしたときに、「New York × New York」という店を気づきました。堺市にあるので、行くのが面倒くさかったんですけど、ニューヨーク人の責任を取って近くに住んでいる友達と行ってみました。いろいろなラーメンがありましたけど、店長に鶏白湯をおすすめしてもらいましたからそれにしました。

The Bowl
New York × New York's chicken ramen was a chicken potage; more like a thick chicken gravy than a normal bowl of ramen. It was strongly potato-flavored, and the thin noodles were sticky with the soup as they were pulled away. The chashu was very tender, softening up and melting into the soup. On top of the whole thing there were just a few red onions, adding a welcome bit of dry crispiness, and the one ingredient that reminded me of New York.


Would I Go Again?
It was good enough to, but I'm not sure I'll make it to Otori Station again.


Should You Go?
If you are in Sakai for some reason, you should stop by.


ラーメン NewYork × NewYork

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