Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kyu Beer Belly

I have a few different things I love in life, and only rarely do they come together. A while ago one of the Beer Bellys, the bars run by Osaka craft brewery Minoh Beer, moved a few doors down from where it had used to be. In its place, the people behind Mitsukabozu created a ramen shop. Being too lazy to change the sign, they named it Kyu Beer Belly, or "old Beer Belly".

Kyu Beer Belly's specialty is shrimp miso curry ramen. In other words, they took every good thing that could be in ramen, and put them together. They offered cheese as a topping and pickles on the side, both of which I partook in.



Place a red marker for rice, yellow, for cheese, and green for pickles.
トッピングと一品によって 札を取ります。

The Bowl
Perhaps only the geniuses behind Mitsukabozu could make a bowl this erratic work. The core flavor was a rich miso, with light notes of curry that were kept in check. After each slurp, the shrimp came in as an aftertaste, reminding me it was there. The noodles were medium thick, and straight; built for the thick broth they sat in. The cheese was pretty strange too; it was a parmesan-like cheese you'd expect to have grated over pasta. Along with the shrimp, it gave the whole dish a creamier, pasta-like quality, and it was especially good when mixed in with everything else.


Would I Go Again?
I would definitely love to, but the hours are terrible and also the shop closed.


Should You Go?
If it was still open, you should have.



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