Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kyo Yasai Festival

Just like a couple years ago, at the end of October in Kyoto they held the Kyo Yasai Festival. There was a large selection of ramen shops, all made with Kyoto Kujo negi. It was Halloween, and I knew I would be drinking at night, so I had to have a couple hearty bowls during the day.


For my first bowl I decided to try Noodle Labratory Kinton. They offered a rich miso that I decided would be my starter.


The Bowl
Not a thick miso like I would expect, Kintoun's bowl was more like a thin miso barbecue sauce. To match this, the noodles were of medium thickness, and they tasted strongly of wheat. There were nice chunks of green onion mixed in, and the chashu, though fell apart quickly, was very well done.


For round two I spotted KÜCHE, a shop I first had the pleasure of trying just a few months earlier. Their special offering was a Kyo spicy shoyu.

二回目は何ヶ月前に初めて食べたKÜCHEという店です。KÜCHEが提供したのがKyo Spicy Shoyuでした。
The Bowl
This was a dark, roasty, garlicky shoyu. There was a little bit of a kick, but it was more salty than spicy. The noodles were medium-thin and short; just a little insubstantial for a strong soup like this. The chashu, too, was meaty but a bit tough, but as always, the Kujo green onions were a nice mix-in.


And no better way to wash it all down than with Kuji negi ice cream.



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