Thursday, March 23, 2017

Komen Tamaran

A new Jiro style ramen shop opened up in Taisho a while ago. I in theory had been meaning to visit, but in reality had been putting it off a bit. Partially because the new shop replaced delicious Ramen Do, but really because I can only very occasionally handle Jiro style ramen. I saw a magazine really pushing Komen Tamaran's miso, though, and that was enough of a reason to actually push myself to make the trip.


The Bowl
As you'd expect from any Jiro style, the broth was a murky mix of, oil, garlic, and fat, and in this case, salty, strong miso, too. It wasn't bad overall, and it was filled with curly, ultra-thick ropes, that on their own seemed like a great idea, but were a too hard even for this flavorful mess. The chashu was fatty and tender, but was a hit a little too hard by the garlic punch in the soup and in the air.


Would I Go Again?
It was fine, but I'll find a new shop next time I'm going to make a challenge at Jiro style ramen.


Should You Go?
If you're a big fan of Jiro in Osaka, it's worth stop.


好麺 たまらん

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  1. That bowl looked like a small ("sho") bowl by Jiro-kei standards....