Monday, March 13, 2017

Ichinichi Ichimen LAB+

No matter how hard I try to be aware of where I should eat, there are some shops that just slip through my fingers. Ichinichi Ichimen LAB+ is a shop that I noted when it first appeared, but I happened to be busy at the time. I forgot about it, but upon looking in a magazine I once again became aware of its existence. It's located right in Nagahoribashi, so getting there was no problem.

Ichinichi Ichimen offers a couple different versions of shoyu ramen. Their standard is the itsumo no yatsu or "regular one": a light soy sauce. If you're not in the mood for that, you can try the kyo wa kore or "today, this one", a sweeter shoyu, or the uwaki or "affair", with roast pork, ginger, and clams. I followed the strange menu's recommendation and got the itsumo no yatsu.



The Bowl
The shoyu broth had some interesting flavors. It was light soy sauce, supplemented by charred garlic. It was very subtle chicken, mellowed out by muscles mixed into the soup. Uniquely, their noodles were round, fat, and filled with flax seed. The seeds themselves were all but tasteless, but the noodles were pretty good overall. There was but a single chunk of chashu, clearly stewed in soy sauce for a long time, so much that it fell apart as soon as I was able to bring it to my mouth. The egg was a weird midway between a half-boiled and hard-boiled, and the ultra-thick menma had a strange drunk taste to them.


Would I Go Again?
This was a good shoyu with some interesting flare. I might be back.


Should You Go?
Citizens of Shinsaibashi, check this place out.



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  1. Ooooo! I'm staying in Shinsaibashi on my next Osaka trip. I'm keen to try em out.