Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Which is more exciting, a new shop by new people, or a new shop by people you know you love? The people behind Junk Story and Men to Kokoro 7 opened a new shop in convenient Niponbashi: Hirudora. Hirudora stands for "lunch dragon" or some similar pun if that helps it make more sense. The dragon part I assume refers to the style of ramen - red, spicy miso. As with any good Japanese spicy restaurant, they let you choose your level of spice. At level five it starts to cost my money, so I low-balled it with level three.

全く情報がない新しい店か、好きな店の新しい姉妹店、どっちが盛り上がりますか?Junk Story麺と心7を作った人によって便利な日本橋で「ひるドラ」という店ができました。名前は面白いですけど、「ドラ」を見るとドラゴンのファイアを指しているかなと思っていました。ラーメンはそれっぽく辛口味噌です。辛さが選べて、5辛からちょっとお金がかかるので、3辛にしてみました。

Well if it isn't some congratulations flowers from Tori Soba Zagin.

鶏soba 座銀からの花です。

The Bowl
What do you have to put in the soup to make it that red? The answer, I infer from the flavors, is lots of ra-yu and red pepper. The abundance of garlic helps draw out the flavors of the soup, too, which ends up tasting a bit like Korean ramyun. Underneath all this, the miso is secondary. The noodles were square and thick, and were good and pulling out the essence of the flavor, while leaving a lot of the spice and oil behind. There were chewy pieces of sliced pork that added some nice texture, and a fatty and flavorful cut of chashu.


Would I Go Again?
This was the weakest of the three shops, which means I still wouldn't mind going again.


Should You Go?
Anyone looking for some spice should stop by, but if you're not into that, this place is not for you.




  1. This shop has been closed since late last year, and it doesn't look like it'll open again. They do have a 2nd shop down near Tsuruhashi Station. I love spicy ramen, and would highly recommend this place as well.

    1. That's too bad. I've been to the Tsuruhashi shop, and luckily the menu is practically the same. Hopefully that one stays open!