Friday, May 15, 2015

Tori Soba Zagin

Right under my nose, a new shop in Higobashi had appeared. I'm not sure how I missed it, but even looking at the photos posted online, it didn't seem like a must-visit shop. Nonetheless, Higobashi is on my way home, so I swung by Tori Soba Zagin's cozy location to get their tori soba.

何ヶ月前に肥後橋に新しい店ができましたけど気づきませんでした。なんで見かけなかったかわかりませんけど、インターネットにある写真からみてもたいした店じゃなさそうでした。とにかく、肥後橋が仕事帰りによれるので鶏soba 座銀に行って鶏sobaを注文しました。

The Bowl
The bowl itself looked like a piece of artwork. Cream colored milky soup, a floating piece of chashu, green, purple, and tan ornamental toppings all surrounded by a tangle of of dried burdock root. But how did it taste? Pretty damn good. The chicken broth was deep and creamy, with an almost alcoholic-like strong aftertaste. Look closely at the chashu and flakes on top of the bowl - they're not pork or bonito, but both chicken. Some bowls that have too much of the same ingredient cause the whole thing to be a bit same-y, but Zagin's chewy, peppery slices stood out from the much richer soup. If the soup, noodles, and chashu were the main entree, the dried burdock root provided the potatoes on the side. They were light and refreshing, and paired well with every part of the bowl. A stellar chicken bowl like this - I'm glad I finally discovered it.


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