Saturday, April 26, 2014

Men to Kokoro 7

Recently, the strangely named shio chicken ramen shop Junk Story has become very popular. Whenever I head east towards Uehonmachi I pass it and there is always a line. Today I went on a trek south towards Abeno to head to a sister shop of Junk Story: Men to Kokoro 7, or "Noodles and Heart 7". Though it turns into an izakaya at night, Men to Kokoro 7 during the day is a humble ramen shop, known for its thick double soup paitan ramen, topped with rare chicken chashu.

最近鶏系塩ラーメン屋さんJUNK STORYがはやっています。上本町のほうに行ったら、いつも行列を見かけます。今回同じ人が作った阿倍野にある麺と心7と言う店に行きました。夜に別の料理を売っている居酒屋になりますけど、昼に普通のラーメン屋さんです。レアチャーシューが乗っているW白湯セブンで有名なのでそれを頼みました。

Player #7: Men to Kokoro
They recommended the karaage, which I ordered as well. Juicy, but hard to finish with a bowl of thick ramen.
The Bowl
A double soup indeed. The broth was very thick without being too overbearing, and fairly fishy as well. The noodles were thick and straight. But, of course, what really stood out was the toppings. The rare chicken chashu, pieces of crispy lotus root, and creamy egg. The lotus root seemed a bit out of place, but the chicken melted into the soup, quite literally, providing a different and fresh light taste to an otherwise very heavy bowl.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, this place was great. I'd like to check out their night menu.


Should You Go?


麺と心 7

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