Sunday, February 28, 2016

Junk Story

The Rasai stamp rally kept going in full force. Pushing myself further along the way, I went to popular shio shop Junk Story. I'd been there before so I knew what I was getting into, but was more than happy for an excuse for a return trip. Also, since this was my first bingo on the stamp card, I got a free topping of rare chashu.

らぁ際スタンプラリーの締め切りがだんだん近づいてきました。今回大人気な塩らーめん屋さん「Junk Story」に行ってきました。行ったことあるのでどんなラーメンか知っていましたけど、また楽しみにしていました。スタンプラリー紙でビンゴになったのでレアチャーシューのトッピングが無料にもGETできました。

The Bowl
This was a bowl loaded with toppings. The broth itself was a light serviceable shio, and it was filled with flat, easy to slurp noodles. But all of the toppings held their weight and more. The chicken may have been the best - lightly yuzu pepper flavored, with a perfect amount of resistance that you only get from seared tataki. The rare chashu, extremely strange for someone who has grown up being told not to eat uncooked meat, was also packed with flavor, lacking the usual oil that chashu brings. Combine that with some strong menma and a creamy if structurally unsound egg, and I was pretty happy.


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らーめんstyle Junk Story

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