Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ippai Ippai

Ramen collaboration Strike-ken in Tenroku was such a hit that the manager of that shop decided to try to make it on his own. The result is Matsuyamachi's very own Ippai Ippai. I had tried to go to this shop several times, but their hours written on their website didn't really match the times they were open. Finally one Saturday morning I called them up to make sure they were open, and biked over to try their shoyu paitan.


Opening congratulations from Strike-ken
The Bowl
The broth was not as thick as it looks, but that says nothing for how bursting it was with flavor. It was a milky chicken soup; powerful but still balanced. The thin, soft noodles sucked up just enough of the broth to keep the theme consistent, and the menma's strong flavors stood out through the soup. There is something magical about the balance that Ippai Ippai managed to hit: deep but just light enough to be addictive. I left wanting more.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?



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