Sunday, May 10, 2015


A couple years ago I swung by a shop called Hanamichi in Abiko. I ordered their shoyu ramen, which was a pretty solid bowl. Well on this night I find myself in Shin Osaka, looking for dinner. Another branch of Hanamichi happened to be close by, so I decided to find out what the miso I didn't get to try all that time ago was like.


The Bowl
The strong miso tare flavor came through in the bowl, though it clearly had a tonkotsu base. The underlying soup was porky, garlicky, and salty, all in just a little bit too high quantities. The curly noodles fit the bowl pretty well, hot from the grease but with a bit of chewiness to them. The chashu too was mixed - there were a couple of small slices that were mostly fat, but also melted in my mouth. It was a solid bowl overall, but a bit on the salty side.


Would I Go Again?
Maybe, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.


Should You Go?
It's not a bad bowl if you're in the area.



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