Thursday, December 25, 2014

Men no Yoji

Near Tanimachi Kyuchome Station, there used to be a ramen shop called Osaka Kobushi. It was on my list for a while, but I never got around to going there. Then one day it disappeared, and in it's place (I believe it was just a renaming) came Men no Yoji.

Men no Yoji is not a shop that shies away from the crazy: they have tantan mazemen, sukiyaki tsukemen, and curry aemen, all of which interested me. Those bowls may have their days, but on this day I went with the, if only slightly, more standard chicken wing paitan ramen.



The Bowl
Men no Yoji nailed the holy grail of a kotteri bowl of ramen: it was rich and flavorful without overloading my taste buds, and it left me wanting more after I finished. The syrupy broth had a deep flavor likened to saucy chicken wings, as opposed to the creamy or even fishy soups other chicken shops go with. The flavor was accentuated with the thin, sticky noodles, and balanced by thin slices of more standard chicken. A unique, and all around wonderful bowl.


Would I Go Again?
Yes. The real problem is deciding whether to order this again or try something else.


Should You Go?




  1. Hi Benjamin. I'm a fan of your blog.
    Do you know this event?
    Maybe you know how good these shops are;)

    1. Thanks for reading!

      I've been to that event twice so far, and I'll probably go back a couple more times before it's over :-)