Monday, November 3, 2014

Fukuryu Ramen Wadachi

Honmachi is not known for its ramen shops, but every once in a while, an interesting one pops up. This time the new shop is Fukuryu Ramen Wadachi, by the Yotsubashi side of Honmachi Station. I didn't know much about it, so I walked over there and sat down for a bowl.


The Bowl
Their standard bowl was a super creamy tori paitan. Underneath the deep chicken flavors were subtle accents of yuzu, and a pepperiness that I couldn't quite put my finger in, but may have been Szechuan peppercorn. The medium, firm noodles carried the yuzu flavor, and reminded me of Bokkoshi in how pasta-like this ramen was. Mixed up with a light yuzu-strip of chashu and a creamy half-boiled egg, this ramen left me in the state that much good ramen does: wanting more.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


ふく流らーめん 轍

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