Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Osaka Bakufu

I am always on a quest to find new and inventive ramen shops, but sometimes I need to stop and visit the shops that are right in front of my nose. Osaka Bakufu has been around as long as I've been in Osaka, and with it's central location in Shinsaibashi, it's a wonder I hadn't been there before. At any rate, I was meeting some friends in Shinsaibashi, and I so I decided that it would be the night I would try Bakufu. I chose the recommended black tonkotsu shoyu.


The Bowl
The broth was smooth and milky; it had been a long time since I tasted this kind of a tonkotsu broth. The creamy soup was dotted with speckles of ma-yu, a black garlicky oil, so the flavor was a mix of rich tonkotsu and garlic. The medium noodles were coated in the slippery oil, making them easy to slurp, and the flavor carried on to the one big slice of chashu. It wasn't the best tonkotsu I've had, but it was solid enough, and the friends I went to meet regretted me having filled my mouth with garlic.


Would I Go Again?
It was solid but nothing special, so I won't be back.


Should You Go?
For ma-yu lovers it might be good, otherwise there are better places in the area.


心斎橋 大阪麦風らーめん

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