Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Naniwa Seimen Homare Shoten

Recently, one of my friends moved near Bishoen Station, southeast of Tennoji. Normally I would have no reason to go over there, but a tsukemen shop from Juso made the move too, and now I had two reasons to visit. Just a couple days after opening, Naniwa Seimen Homare Shoten offered their signature tsuke soba at a discounted 500 yen.


The Bowl
A sweet and salty gyokai tonkotsu tsukemen, with medium, slippery noodles left me satisfied though not impressed, but Naniwa Seimen's unique feature is the zosui that follows. After finishing the noodles, my friend and I received a hot stone and a bowl of rice to mix together with the remaining soup. Just in case there was a chance you were still hungry, this congee-like rice porridge will fill you up. The combination brought back memories of Cho Tonkotsu Nodo 8 and Fujiyama 55 (may it rest in piece), which is a good thing.


Would I Go Again?
Probably not, it's far.


Should You Go?
If you're in the area, it's a good shop to have.


なにわ製麺 誉商店

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