Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cho Tonkotsu Nodo 8

A few months ago Menya Tenkei closed its doors for good. Sad, though it is, a new ramen shop opened up in its place. Cho Tonkotsu Nodo 8, or in English "Super Pork Bone Thickness 8", is a rich tonkotsu shop. Much like Osaka staple Zundoya, it's a drop of a hat from Namba, and is open late, making it a prime late night location. In addition, at Cho Tonkotsu Nodo 8, after finishing your noodles you can order atomeshi, rice and toppings to go with the remaining soup. This month's special was cheese curry, and if you know anything about me, you know that I couldn't imagine anything better.


Cheese curry on rice, pre-soup
Cheese, curry, and tonkotsu
The Bowl
The broth was a deep, very porky tonkotsu. It had a bit of a kick to it, spicier than you'd find in most bowls, which helped to balance out the saltiness. The noodles were thin, Hakata-style, and on top was a thick piece of chashu with the name of the shop branded on it. That alone would have been a tasty bowl, but the curry rice took it to the next level. I never thought that a spicy, cheesy, tonkotsu mixture would work - or maybe it's so obvious that it does. I was dying from all the rich flavors and grease by the end, but if that's how I leave this world, it will have been worth it.


Would I Go Again?
I've already been there again.


Should You Go?


超豚骨 濃度8

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