Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fujiyama 55

I saw a branch of this shop when I was in Nagoya a couple months ago, and though I knew nothing about it, it caught my eye.  When I got the new Ramen Walker, I looked through it and noticed that a branch had recently opened up in Osaka.  It was in Higashi Umeda, which is pretty convenient, so I decided to stop by.

Fujiyama 55 (pronounced "Fujiyama Gogo") had a large selection of tsukemen and ramen to choose from.  After staring at the ticket vending machine for a while and debating over whether or not to get the curry tsukemen, I went with one of the employee's recommendations: the thick tsukemen.

つけ麺・ラーメン フジヤマ55
Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Kita-ku, Dōyamachō, 10−4
Fujiyama 55 is in a shopping arcade just east of the fountain plaza inside the Whity underground mall.

The Bowl
Fujiyama 55's tsukemen began like many others I'd had recently; a rich gyokai tonkotsu.  It was ordinary-but-good as a lot of them are.  It had a medium-thick soup with fat, firm noodles, and decent menma and chashu.  But from the first couple mouthfuls on is where it changed.  There was a large selection of free toppings available, allowing you to customize your ramen any way you want.  Pickles, sesame seeds, ginger, bean sprouts - all the classics.  I threw some extra onions, bean sprouts, and pickles into my bowl.  I really liked the tiny bit of extra spice the bean sprouts added, so I chucked a whole bunch more in.
On top of all that, when you finish the noodles, instead of giving you wari-soup like most places, Fujiyama 55 offers cheese, rice, and an induction heater for you to make your very own ramen cheese risotto.  I've had risotto before, but never with gyokai tonkotsu soup as a base.  It was cheesy, hot, and delicious.

Would I Go Again?
A large menu, tons of toppings and crazy, cheesy ramen risotto?  More importantly, curry tsukemen.  I'll be back.

Should You Go?
It's good, weird, and centrally located.  Check it out.

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