Thursday, February 6, 2014

KAMOSHI Mitsukabozu

Osaka has a dearth of miso ramen shops. The most famous one, by far, is Mitsukabozu in Toyonaka. It's a place I keep meaning to go, but since it's so out of the way, I've never made it yet. My friend alerted me that they opened up their second branch in Umeda. The next day I showed up. The Umeda branch was still new, so their entire menu wasn't ready yet. But what was, was their interesting vegetable miso ramen.


The Bowl
The soup was light, but thick. It tasted like a vegetable potage, which is similar to other styles I've had before, but nothing I'd expect from a bowl of miso. The noodles were piping hot, and wrapped around the various vegetables; potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, and lima beans all could be found inside the rich soup. Just to make it a bit meaty, there was a piece of thick chashu thrown in for good measure. A strange bowl, but a good one.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, it was great, and I want more miso.


Should You Go?


みつか坊主 醸

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