Thursday, August 14, 2014

Men no Kuni

Miso ramen? In Osaka? Count me in! At the beginning of March, Men no Kuni, a new gem in Nipponbashi opened up. Miso ramen is rare in Kansai, let alone just in Osaka city, so it took me no longer than a couple weeks to find my way over there. Among their various miso options I chose the "Golden Male Spirit Ramen", which means it had an egg and a huge chunk of stewed pork instead of the normal slices of chashu.


The Bowl
This wasn't a creamy miso like some of the fancier kinds I've had before, but an oily, hot, people's miso, orange and dotted with black points of charred garlic oil. As any good miso should, it was filled with thick and curly noodles, that swept up a swarm of sprouts, onions, and other veggies. And on top was the enormous if overpowering slab of stewed pork, making meal fuller and ensuring that I wouldn't be able to move afterwards.


Would I Go Again?
I'd like to; you don't find miso very much around these parts.


Should You Go?
If you're from out of town you can probably find better, but if you want miso in Osaka, this isn't a bad place to get it.



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