Sunday, December 2, 2012


I was in Tokyo visiting some friends, and like my previous visits, I decided to make this a trip where I reevaluated one of my classic beloved ramen shops. Kikanbo in Kanda is known for their super-spicy miso ramen. Unlike a lot of shops that will take some normal ramen and throw a few hot peppers in, Kikanbo builds their whole soup around the spice.

You can choose your level of hot pepper spice and Sichuan pepper spice ranging anyone from none to "oni-mashi", or the demon-extra level. I had some level of sanity and just went with the normal extra-spicy in both.

カラシビ味噌らー麺 鬼金棒
Tōkyō-to, Chiyoda-ku, Kajichō, 2丁目10−10

The Bowl
What a bowl. As promised, the broth was a super-spicy and tingly miso. It was hot, and the more I drank, the weirder my tongue and lips felt, not dissimilar to my other recent run-in with Sichuan pepper. The noodles were medium, firm, and straight, and the egg, and chashu were both tender and very good. Spicy, juicy, and delicious, Kikanbo is everything I remembered it.

Would I Go Again?

Should You Go?

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