Thursday, August 7, 2014

Menta Jisuta

Out with the old and in with the new. A few months ago, Nakamuraya shut down, and in its place came Menta Jisuta, the third branch of the Jisuta family. The last time I went to a branch, I ordered the strange maze men so this time I went with the menta soba, a standard chuka soba with wontons.


The Bowl
The clear if oily shoyu that Menta Jisuta offered was about what I needed on a cold February afternoon. The broth was filled with green onions, giving it a crisp flavor that could be soaked up by the yellow, elastic noodles. The toppings were the strong point though, with a thick-skinned flavorful wonton and a firm but tasty egg.


Would I Go Again?
Overall I enjoyed the ramen, but I don't see a reason to go again.


Should You Go?
I would recommend trying wackier Menkuimen Tsujita Danieru no Bai over this.

ここよりもっと変わっている「麺喰いメン太ジスタ だにえるの場合。」に行ったらおすすめです。


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