Friday, February 21, 2014

Onomichi Ramen Gekko Kamen

For a food blogger, there are few things that can cause a major crisis. Restaurant you were expecting to go to closed? I've been there. Favorite restaurant shut down? Par for the course. Confused about what to get? That's what life is all about.

The one thing I cannot get past is my camera running out of batteries just as I approach a shop. It was dinner and I was hungry, and though I seriously considered turning around and heading home, I forced myself to enter the shop and use my low resolution phone camera. I'm not even talking about a nice iPhone or Android camera; this was the camera on a phone most people stopped using five years ago, at latest.

I considered going back again to Gekko Kamen to eat another bowl and take a better photo, but alas, as you'll learn later, the ramen was just not good enough. So enjoy an Osakan's take on Onomichi ramen, in low, low definition.




The Bowl
The broth was shoyu, with tons of globules of pork fat, similar to the Onomichi ramen I had in its hometown. However, unlike those shops, this ramen wasn't sweet, but was dark and very salty. The noodles were long and flat; they weren't great but helped cut the salt from the soup a bit. The chashu proved the best part; juicy and fatty.


Would I Go Again?
I still have too fond memories of the real Onomichi ramen to try this again.


Should You Go?


尾道らーめん 月光仮面

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