Monday, June 24, 2013


There are some times when I spot a shop on my way somewhere and stop and eat there immediately. There are other times where I try time and again to go to a ramen shop, only to discover that they are closed each time for some strange or unsaid reason. Awaza is one of the latter shops. Located by its namesake station, I had walked by there a few times on weekends hoping to eat there, only to discover that it has strange hours. Finally I decided to go there on a weekday on my way home from weekend, and it was open. The staff recommended the shrimp shio ramen, but I couldn't help myself and ordered the interesting-sounding gyokai spicy miso tsukemen.


麺屋 あわざ
4 Chome-9-10 Itachibori

The Bowl
So many things I like mixed into one bowl! Fish, miso, spicy, tsukemen. The broth was rich, but the miso flavor was not too strong. There was just a bit of a kick to it; I would have preferred more spice, but it wasn't a bad level. The noodles were chewy, and flat, and went well with the broth and rich chashu. My main complaint was that the broth ended up being a bit salty, but otherwise a weird and good combination.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah. I still have to try that shrimp shio ramen.


Should You Go?
Yes, if you're into slightly weird ramen.


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