Monday, February 24, 2014


New location alert! Not just any new shop, but a new branch of Showacho's famous Saisai. And right in Namba, too. Too good of an opportunity, I checked it out just over a week after it opened. Torn between the shio and shoyu ramen, in standard or white chicken "paichin" form, I followed the advice of the employee and went with the paichin shio ramen.


The Bowl
When I talk about a bowl of shio ramen, this is not what I think of. The broth was cloudy, meaty, giving a rich unfiltered taste of chicken. The noodles were medium, round and firm. On top was some extra crunchy menma, and fatty chashu. A heavy bowl that weighed me down in the end - not what I would think from a normal shio.


Would I Go Again?
It was good, but next time I'd try one of the other combinations.


Should You Go?
Saisai is in a southern part of Namba without much competition. Which makes Saisai the best in that area.



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