Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It was December, and I had just a few days left before I was going home to New York for the holidays. What should my last bowl of ramen be? I had passed by Umeda's Tsuboya a couple times, and I was intrigued by the winter-only miso ramen. I've been disappointed with Tsuboya's other branches, but I love miso, so I gave in to my instinct and gave it a try.


The Bowl
Ah, miso ramen. It's so rare in Osaka that I'll take any chance I get to have some. Tsuboya's miso's broth was pretty oily, but it was tasty, and did not hold back on the spice. I wasn't crying, but there was definitely a peppery kick. The thick noodles wrapped around the mounds of bean sprouts in the bowl, and the chewy if low on flavor chashu.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, for another limited time ramen.


Should You Go?
I would say if you go, get ramen instead of tsukemen.


つけ麺処 つぼや

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