Friday, April 11, 2014

T's Tantan

Day two of my end of year visit to Tokyo, which means it's time for my second bowl of ramen. My vegetarian friend recently moved to Tokyo, and compared to Osaka, it's veggie heaven. There's even, as we discovered, a vegan ramen shop. Located inside Tokyo Station (but outside of the illustrious Tokyo Ramen Street), T's Tantan specializes in tantanmen. Vegan and spicy? Yes please. I got a set with a side of fake-chicken karaage.

年末の東京の遊びの二日目なのでラーメンの二杯目を食べることになります。最近大阪に住んでいたベジタリアン友達が東京に引っ越ししました。関西に比べると、東京にはベジタライアンレストランがめちゃくちゃ多いです。東京駅の中にある「T's たんたん」は動物系を使わない担々麺専門店です。ビーがんと辛いのでめっちゃ食べたくなりました。白たんたん+(にせものの)ミニから揚げ丼にしました。

The fake chicken was pretty good; it didn't taste like chicken, nor should it. 

The Bowl
A thin, sesame, yet very spicy, broth. The noodles were thin, and curly. If I didn't know any better, I would not have guessed there was no meat in this bowl. In fact, in place of the ground pork, there was ground fake-pork. It was pretty good, and went well with the mountains of sprouts inhabiting the soup. This wasn't just some of the best vegetarian food I've had in a while, it was among the best ramen I've had in a while.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, it's different and delicious.


Should You Go?



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